How does sport influence the state of the immune system?

How does sport influence the state of the immune system?

Keeping an immune system in good condition is essential to protect our body from external aggression. But what really is the immune system?


What is the immune system?

The immune system is the protection and defense mechanism of our body. It is made up of different vital structures whose function is to preserve and prevent external and internal aggressors that cause diseases, such as viruses and bacteria. Once the immune system identifies these agents, it destroys them.
For this reason, we must carry out different healthy habits to care for and strengthen our immune system.


Is physical exercise good for our immune system?

Moderate intensity physical exercise produces positive effects on our immune system.

● Physical activity keeps the immune system in top form to combat any external agent and reduce the probability of contracting a cold, flu or other pathology.
● Exercise causes changes in antibodies and white blood cells, allowing pathogens to be detected more quickly.
● Brief rise in body temperature during and immediately after exercise can prevent bacterial growth. This rise in temperature can help the body better fight an infection.

● Exercise decreases the secretion of stress hormones. A high level of stress increases the chances of developing an illness.


How does sport influence the immune system?

Moderate intensity exercise, around 50-60 VO2max, practiced on a regular basis strengthens the immune system doubly. On the one hand, it acts directly on the immunocompetent cells through chemical intermediaries (hormones, cytokines, etc.) and also by facilitating the blood circulation to carry them throughout the body. On the other hand, the immune system benefits from the better health conditions created as a result of the physical activity carried out (decrease in the degree of psychological stress, control of obesity, etc.) just as the heart and other organs do.
This strengthening of the immune system protects our body and keeps our defenses in top shape.


In short, we can conclude that moderate physical exercise benefits and strengthens the immune system at all ages and that together with a food supplement such as Plesinox 3A, made up of Polydpodium leucomotos extract, vitamin A, vitamin C and selenium, it helps the correct functioning of the immune system. immune system


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