How does going back to school affect parents?

How does going back to school affect parents?

Going back to school affects children in different ways, as it involves a transition from a more relaxed holiday environment to a structured school environment. In addition, there are the academic demands, extracurricular activities and let’s not forget the fact that bringing several children together in the classroom can encourage the transmission of different pathogens between them and between us.

All of this can generate stress and worry for parents; and in turn affect their defences. For this reason, we give you a series of tips to help you take better care of your defences and strengthen your immune system, so that you can take care of the whole family.


One way to strengthen the immune system is to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. This means including a variety of fruits, vegetables and proteins in your daily routine. It is also important to include foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and selenium, which offer a multitude of benefits for the immune system.

It is essential to maintain proper hygiene habits such as regular hand washing and covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. These simple practices can help prevent the spread of germs.


Exercise regularly. Moderate-intensity physical exercise helps control stress levels and strengthen the immune system.

good night’s sleep is essential to strengthen your defences, so it is important to get enough sleep.

In short, going back to school for the little ones can affect our defences. Therefore, encouraging a healthy diet, maintaining proper hygiene habits, ensuring good rest and regular exercise are effective ways to strengthen the immune system and promote good health.

In addition, in specific and justified cases, it may be necessary to supplement the diet with food supplements to strengthen defences and the immune system.

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And you, how do you help your defences?


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