This new year, prepare your immune system

This new year, prepare your immune system

Taking care of your immune system on a daily basis, strengthening your defenses and carrying out a series of healthy habits should be your resolutions for this New Year.
The immune response is the set of mechanisms that our body performs to defend itself against foreign agents. There are various factors that can weaken our immune system and favor the multiplication of pathogens. Therefore, it is important to maintain a strong immune system in order to reduce the risk of contracting and developing infections and diseases.
However, sometimes our immune system may be affected and not act as it should. In these cases, extra help is important to reinforce your defenses, such as incorporating food supplements.
Here are some tips to help keep your immune system healthy and strong in this new year.


Healthy resolutions that will help you maintain a strong immune system

  1. Exercise regularly. Doing physical exercise of moderate intensity helps control stress levels and strengthens the immune system. Exercise combined with a healthy diet and sleeping a suitable number of hours are key to strengthening our immune system.
  2. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Food is essential for the proper functioning of our body and the immune system. It is important to include foods rich in folic acid, iron, zinc or vitamins A and C such as fruits and vegetables.
  3. Avoid excessive consumption of salt and sugar. Reducing the consumption of sugar and a low-salt diet brings benefits to our health.
  4. Avoid bad habits, such as tobacco and alcohol consumption. Both tobacco and alcohol are one of the greatest threats to health and completely abandoning their consumption is key to achieving a healthy life.
  5. Avoid stressful situations. Stress greatly affects our immune system, since it causes the body to release hormones that interfere with the ability of white blood cells to fight infections and the ability to generate new.
  6. Maintain good hygiene. To protect ourselves from external aggressions, it is essential to maintain good hygiene, especially with our hands, since they are essential to carry out our day to day and we unconsciously take them to our face, mouth and also touch the food we eat with them.
  7. Sleep 8 hours a day. Maintaining a pattern of sleep and rest is essential to improve your health and wake up with the necessary energy to face the day to day. Sleep modulates the immune response, on the other hand, when we do not get enough rest, our defenses decrease and we are more susceptible to contracting colds and other infections.
  8. Do not stop going to medical check-ups. Do not lose sight of medical reviews or the recommendations of health professionals to protect your health.
  9. In specific and justified cases, use a food supplement. It may be necessary to supplement the diet with food supplements to strengthen the defenses and the immune system.


Sometimes, extra help to the immune system is necessary…

However, there are times when extra help is needed to normalize the functioning of the immune system. For this reason, there are food supplements such as Plesinox 3A composed of Polypodium leucotomos extract (EPL), vitamin A, vitamin C and selenium that helps the normal functioning of the immune system and protects the defenses.
In short, it is important to apply daily habits in our lifestyle that positively influence our immune system and help keep it in good condition.


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